Eva and her team are miracle workers. I was training 5-6 times a week and had back and elbow pain. Thanks to twice a week sessions- my pain went away and I regained full movement almost immediately. I still go weekly for maintenance and I highly recommend them for any athlete or exercise junky.
— Jason Harris, CEO Mekanism

I have been receiving acupuncture from Eva since I had knee surgery. The results are amazing, I have no pain, and I have not taken any medication in over 3 years. I have also done treatment following wrist surgery, and I have no pain there either. I recommend Eva for all acupuncture, and she also is very knowledgeable about overall health.
— Geoff Rudaw

I’ve been going to Yupo for over 3 years for various symptoms, from severe headache to carpal tunnel syndrome. Before experiencing acupuncture treatment, I had been dependent on pain killers and tried to ignore or endure the pain without addressing the root cause. At first, I was skeptical as to how effective acupuncture would be, but I decided to try it out anyway. Eva has been a great help – not only is she a keen listener, but she’s also extremely knowledgeable. With a brief description of the pain that I’m experiencing, she instantly identifies the acupuncture points for the treatment. Within 2-3 sessions, my symptoms would get noticeably better, without any help of medication. Even when I don’t have particular symptoms I would visit because I can feel my body getting lighter after a session. I also have to mention that massage is amazing at this place. I know a lot of people are scared of needles, but trust me, after visiting this place, you would come here for any pain instead of going to a doctor and ending up getting prescriptions.
— Scarlett Lee, NY

Yupo Wellness continues to be my favorite medical facility. Eva continues to provide excellent acupuncture and medical advice. Jonathan is an excellent Physical Therapist. The acupressure is very helpful here, as well. It amazes me of the progress that I made with my weight-lifting and exercise routine, since first going to this facility. I am now able to work out with heavy weights again and this is something I have not been able to do for about a decade. I can also bike and swim, which was not always possible, due to injuries. I have to thank these great practitioners for what is miraculous progress! Angel is the Office Manager and she is professional, real, helpful, personable, organized and intelligent. All around, this is a great medical facility, because of superior employees!
— John S.

I have been going to Yupo Wellness for over a year for migraine and maintenance.

Eva is very open and clear when you have questions about your condition and what else you can do to help relieve the pain.

One time, I had a fever and had to fly to Japan (13 hours) next day. She fixed me right up and I was totally fine next morning. That experience was quite amazing.

She always checks in a few times to see if I’m okay during each treatment. My migraine have been going away. I just need to come here regularly for maintenance.

I would also recommend her if you’re looking to try acupuncture or cupping for the first time. Very attentive, caring and effective.

Highly recommended!
— Chihiro Nishihara

Eva is an amazing acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I am a doctor of chiropractic practicing here in NYC and I taught at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for 6 1/2 years. I am very particular about who I see for acupuncture care. I have also had massages from several of Eva’s therapists. I have been very pleased with all of them. JoAnn is my favorite. :-)

It is without reservation that I recommend Yupo Wellness for acupuncture, TCM and massage therapy. You will not be disappointed.
— Michael G.

I started going here last week when I hurt my back very badly. So far I’ve done acupuncture twice and they have helped me GREATLY. She is a very solid practitioner and knows what she’s doing and fixes the issues. I did acupuncture for similar injury before in the city by a renowned practitioner who charged double as YuPo with no effect. I’m going to my last follow-up treatment tomorrow but I’m already very grateful that she’s alleviated the pain so much. I just can’t afford to be immobile and in pain with a toddler to take care of. I totally recommend this place!
— Lisa K.

Some of the best acupuncture in the city. Eva has a warm manner and skill beyond her years. You can pay more, go fancier, but you are very unlikely to find the consistent quality and wonderful results that you will at this humble clinic.
— Yale D.
After over 3 years of treatment with Eva, I truly look forward to my sessions. Her knowledge of the body and compassionate nature make for a truly unique experience. She is able to assess injury and trauma and decide the best course of action for you, not to mention take a holistic approach to whatever you need to aid in your healing.

I cannot recommend her enough, and am thankful to have her as a part of my regular recovery practice.
— Mark Osmundsen, Dancer/Aerialist with The Metropolitan Opera and Off-Broadway with Company XIV

Eva is a skillful and caring provider who takes time to understand your ailments and how to treat them.

Her extensive knowledge and intuition allows Eva to not only relieve you of your symptoms, but also treat the underlying cause of your problems.

I can’t recommend Eva enough and look forward to continuing working with her.
— Garret Dolgon

Eva IS the painkiller. Not Advil, not any drug, just the soft-spoken, gentle, caring acupuncturist who almost felt your pain like her own. I get injured a lot, and so I go to see her a lot, and not only does she treat my pain, she repairs my injuries very quickly and she preps me for the next fight. I am lighter, looser, and more agile in every fight because of her. In the boxing world, anyone can be your opponent, but I can’t help but send other boxers to her clinic. I am happy when they win fights with Eva’s help. It’s our little secret that we have this unfair advantage.
— Paul Bamba, NY

I have been seeing Eva a couple months on the recommendation of my trainer for a knee injury. She is outstanding! Thoughtful, knowledgeable and accommodating. She addressed all my concerns was open and upfront with how many sessions she thought it would take. I have recommended her to others and continue to see her when issues arise.
— Ivy

Over the past few years, I have been to Yupo here and there for neck pains related to stress and, believe it or not, sitting in the same position for too long. I was neither injured, nor sick, and yet I was in pain. Eva has helped tremendously in this effort. There was no disease for her to cure, no injury for her to rehab, but a persistent state of decline that came with age and tedious repetition so common in modern life. I am thankful that she has helped maintain my body, and subsequently my emotional health, with a few needles and many gentle words of encouragement.
— Cathy Huang, NY

I went here for acupuncture treatment with Eva. I found that it was quite effective, although it did not eliminate the pain 100%. But it was a lot better than what my usual chiropractic treatment did for my pain, and better than other acupuncture treatments I’ve had in the past with other people.

I have also had massages here. The masseuse each time has been pretty strong, but never too much. I think the quality is very good for the price.

Everyone who works here is really nice and helpful.
— Kyoko W.

I’ve been here a few times for acupuncture for my ankle, as well as back pain, and joint inflammation. Eva is very skilled in her field and spends a lot of time with you in your first session understanding your ailments. My ankle is doing much better now with the combination of physical therapy. My back pains are gone, too as the acupuncture really helped relieve a lot of the tension I held along my spine. More recently, I’ve been going for acupuncture for some hip inflammation that I’ve been experiencing. It was gone after two sessions, but knowing that this is going to be a chronic problem, I have to come back for more sessions.
— Stephanie M.

I’m very fussy with my acupuncture and have been doing it for over 10 years with over 20 people.
Yupo is fantastic. Great prices and always very friendly and lovely when they see you.
Eva knows what she’s doing and is always very calming and pleasant to talk to as well!
— Nick K.